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Ladies and Gentlemen, our respected clients, dear partners and colleagues! We are pleased to tell you about ourselves and offer you our professional services. Let us briefly highlight the concept of our organization and specify some features, which distinguish us from many other translation companies. All of us are witnessing and living through the times, which are rather hard for the development of any kind of business in Russia. Economic and political cataclysms do not facilitate the stability at all levels of our living. Knowledge-based businesses, such as translation companies, suffer from shortage of staff for providing professional services. We regret to say that dumping pricing policy (intentional reduction in value of services for attracting the clients) has become common practice of many translation firms. It is also a pity that there exists high employee turnover: in the companies of the kind it reaches 80-90 percent. The most common thought of the translators working for such companies is: "They pay me 3 cents for my translation and I'll work according to this remuneration". We all are familiar with the warning: "Beware of counterfeiting!" But I would rather say "Beware of low-cost unprofessional services!"
Deutsch trans does not confine itself to the policy of attracting the clients by fair means or foul. The prices for our services have never touched bottom but we keep being ready for healthy competition, which contributes to the efforts aimed at better quality and better service. Highly professional translators are our main asset: all of our translators have abundant experience, specializing in certain fields of knowledge. Many of them are associated with large international companies, have international diplomas, certificates and possess academic degrees.
Efficiency, confidentiality, credibility are confirmed by the grateful endorsements of our clients: state and commercial organizations, industrial and trade companies, holdings, banks, agencies abroad, embassies, business-centers and computer companies. Many of them, after dealing with us for the first time, became our regular customers.
The number of our regular customers is increasing as well as the amount of grateful comments, which is enormously important for us.
Automated translation is not used!
E-mail      tel/fax: +7(812) 412-99-00
mob. +7 (921) 9279440
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